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       Contact us when you have questions, need technical support (it's free) or want to discuss something special that is not seen here. You'll talk directly to the Engineers at our Pittsburgh facility who design our products. They can help you select the best product for your application, answer setup and configuration questions or discuss custom solutions to match your unique requirements.          

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Government approved Layer 1 Air-Gap network switches. Common Criteria certified
DISA Approved and TEMPEST Evaluated Fiber Optic tabletop & rack-mount switches


Rackmount Ganged A/B, A/B/C & A/B/C/D Layer 1 switches with manual and remote control/status for the Ultimate in Network Access Control and backup switching.
Fiber Optic, Category 6, DB9, DB15, DB25 and F-video switches

Isolators and Splitters

Ethernet Isolators and RS232 Modem Splitters
Protect your Ethernet equipment from electical surges. Use Modem Splitters to share up to 7 DTE's with 1 DCE

Line Drivers

Extend equipment connections beyond their normal distances
Extend your RS232 Async data over multi-mode fiber or twisted pair cable

HPM / Microwave Detectors

Detect potentially harmful levels of RF energy

Data DeadBolt®

Intelligent Layer 1 Switches

Micro-mirror fiber optic, Cat6 and DB9 A/B switches
These switches support manual or remote control via: pushbuttons, dry contact closure, RS232, web browser, SNMP, Telnet or provided GUI Program

Data DeadBolt®

Manual Layer 1 Switches

Micro-mirror fiber optic and RJ45 switches
Manual switches for sharing and backup

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