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Section 508 compliance information:

Market Central is striving to make our web site accessible to all by meeting the web page accessibility standards issued in accordance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments. If you find a problem that prevents access within this site, please contact us by emailing to Please include as much information as you can regarding the accessibility issues you have encountered so that we can try to resolve them. If our standard documentation is not accessible to you, we will attempt to provide the required information by an alternate method to meet your needs.

Market Central, Inc. provides user support via downloadable user manuals in Portable Document Reader (“.pdf”) format. Please download the free Reader available from Adobe for text-to-speech conversion if needed.
Note: Adobe 6.0 and later versions include this feature (under the View option). .

SecureSwitch® and SwitchMaster® products rely on visual indicators to inform users of their status. Market Central, Inc. may be able to provide other methods of status indication if required. - please contact us.

SecureSwitch® products and their related documentation are regulated by the United States Government under ITAR rules. Please contact us if SecureSwitch® documentation support is needed.

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