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SecureSwitch®  micro-mirror fiber optic switches  Reflect to Connect

      SecureSwitch n:1  

SecureSwitch®  n:1 Fiber Optic Switch devices

    Has all of the advanced performance of the Revision B SecureSwitch® product, but now supports more network connections plus has been enhanced with advanced internal diagnostics and fault detection capabilities. The new SecureSwitch n:1 Fiber Optic Switch products simplify the integration of digital video conferencing systems with 4 or more network connections.
  •  Applications from 1:1 access control to 8:1 network selection
  •  SecureSwitch® Common Criteria Certification for switching between networks of different security classifications
  •  new product image Now available in versions optimized for 50um OM4 multimode, 62.5um multimode or singlemode, and either 1U rackmount or desktop versions with LC or ST port connectors 
  •  Common Criteria Security Target
  •  Automatically cycles power to attached Codec's or other devices when the connection state is changed.
  •  Layer 1 switch that optically switches the fiber connections - supports all protocols, wavelengths, data rates and formats.

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