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    R6000 4U Front view     R6000 4U Rear view

SwitchMaster® R6000 4U ganged A/B switching systems

    SwitchMaster® 4U ganged A/B switches are compact multi-switch systems in a 4U high rack-mount chassis. Fiber optic and wire Ethernet switch cards including Cat6 switch cards, plus many other wire-style switch cards can be mixed and multiple racks can be daisy chained together (up to 4080 circuits), all controlled by a single user locally or remotely. Customized cards can also be provided for this powerful switching system. Manage access to networks, implement backup systems for network and computer connections or share peripherals and other equipment. Local features include LED status and manual switching. Remote control (dry contact closure, RS232 and Ethernet) provides unmatched management flexibility. SwitchMaster systems are used around the world to add secure access control and reliable backup for critical systems from space launch centers to stock exchange networks.

  •  Add reliability to critical networks and systems with SwitchMaster multiport switching systems.
  •  Monitor & control access to networks remotely; gang switch all ports, groups of ports or individual ports.
  •  Automate the backup of individual connections or entire networks based on port failure or time of day.
  • new product image  Cat6 switch cards also support HDBaseT connections including Power Over HDBaseT (POH) up to 100W.
              - Switch one HDBaseT source between multiple receivers/displays or one receiver/display between multiple sources.
              - Use as an HDBaseT air gap switch for secure access control for controlling POH displays or as an HDBaseT link selector switch
                for failover and sharing applications.

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