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 1U 2 slot switch front view  1U 2 slot switch rear view

SwitchMaster® 1U Two Slot R6000 Modular Switch

     The SwitchMaster ®1U Two Slot R6000 Modualar Switch is a compact one or two switch system in a single 1U high rack-mount chassis. Any of the single-slot R6000 switch cards can be installed to create a standalone Rackmounted switch, or two switch cards can be installed in the chassis for more versatility. Manual, Dry contact, RS232 and Ethernet control options are available in the modular switch chassis by including the appropriate version of controller module

  •  Automate the backup of induvidual connections based on network path failure
  •  Monitor and control access to networks and/or devices remotely
  •  Modular design allows one or two single slot R6000 switch cards to be controlled for failover, backup or network/device sharing applications
  •  Supports 2 to 1, and Dual 2 to 1 switch cards
  •  RJ45(CAT5 or CAT6), DB9, DB15, DB25, Single mode, Multimode with Latching or non Latching

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